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Imagine it - Print it! Sounds too good to be true? Well if you are prepared to put in a little effort researching the right printer and software you can do exactly that. Originally 3D printing was so expensive - but now you can buy machines for a really low price and make spare parts, tools, working models, ornaments, toys etc etc etc! This app has some 800 easy to follow video guides that surely cover all the topics a beginner could possibly be interested it. You can make notes against any video also give it a rating and make it a favourite so that you can revisit at any time! Videos include: How to Install Octoprint on a Creality Ender 3 TMC2100 guide - Stepper driver upgrades part 1 How to set VREF firmware For beginners by a beginner 3D printer series 2 3D printing for beginners 6 SprueSurgeon attempts 3D printing 1 unboxing Beginners guide to 3d printing 4 A beginners guide to 3D printing 3 Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 4 Simple 3d Design Example for 3D Printing Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 8 Think Like a Mechanical Designer Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 3 Printing Sketchup Designs on a 3D Printer Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 2 Simple Introduction to Sketchup 3D Objects Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 9 Designing and Printing Box with Movable Hinges Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 6 Understanding Design Rules Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 7 Understanding Design Rules Tolerance for Slip and Press Fits Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 1 Simple Introduction to Sketchup for Beginners Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 5 How to Use Digital Calipers Ready for Prime Time 3D Printers Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 13 Hitting the Wall Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 11 Use the Follow Me Tool to Design a PVC Elbow Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 10 Changing Dimensions Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 12 How to Use the Rotate Tool NeoPixel Infinity Mirror 2019 3D Projects adafruit adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit Talking Pumpkin Mario Clouds and Flying Toasters 3DPrinting CircuitPython Retro Case for PyPortals Monster M4SK Wearable Case Ornaments with Circuit Playground Gizmos CircuitPython Camera Slider Glowing Cauldron with Color Changing Fog Dry ICE Rezz Inspired NeoPixel Glasses Making Holograms with PyPortal Retro Weather Station Robot Fish 3DPrinting MakeCode Adafruit Braille Buttons for PyGamer Star Trek Alarm Clock PyPortal 3DPrinting CircuitPython Dragon Lamp 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit PyBadge Case with Flip Out Mic TensorFlow 3DPrinting Entitled Goose from Untitled Goose Game 3DPrinting adafruit Timelapse adafruit LED Infinity Cube adafruit 3dprinting CircuitPython Watch Desktop Clock adafruit adafruit e-ink FeatherWing Stand 3DPrinting CircuitPython PyPortal Wall Mount adafruit CircuitPython 3DPrinting 3D Printing on Diffraction Grating Sheets adafruit adafruit Keyblade Prop-Maker 3DPrinting KingdomHearts Cosplay Hand Crank Solder Dispenser Mario Cappy with Animated Eyes Heat Set Insert Press LEGO Head Lamp with Audio Snap Fit Case with Flip Out Mic PyBadger - Interactive Badge for Conferences adafruit adafruit Adafruit IO Time Tracking Cube PyBadge Case 3DPrinting Adafruit Mini Mac SE CircuitPython 3DPrinting Astrolite NeoPixel Upgrade 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit NeoPixel Bike Light 3dprinting adafruit Motion Gift Box adafruit adafruit PyPortal Case 3DPrinting PyPortal View Master SlideShow CircuitPython 3DPrinting Hallowing Pumpkin Eye 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit New Year Eve Ball Drop adafruit 3DPrinting CircuitPython Watchmens Sister Night NeoPixel Goggles NeoTrellis Color Game adafruit 3Dprinting adafruit Pi Zero Stand 3dprinting adafruit raspberrypi LED Zelda Master Sword NeoTrellis Sound Board CircuitPython 3DPrinting SpaceX Helmet 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit iPad Pro Bumper 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit Prop-Maker LightSaber Build NeoTrellis M4 Ninjaflex Bumper 3DPrinting 3D Printed Keyblade Kit Motorized Marble Machine 3dprinting adafruit adafruit Adafruit HalloWing M0 Express adafruit adafruit CRICKIT Rover with LEGO 3DPrinting adafruit LEGO Robotics Wireless Qi Charger for Tesla Model 3 Ancient Bladesaw adafruit 3DPrinting ZeldaBOTW Bowsette Crown 3DPrinting Cosplay LEDs DIY Automatic Dice Roller Fume Extractor Desktop Fan 3D Printing Drone Claw DIY LED Trampoline NeoPixels and Circuit Python CPX TouchTone Synth MakeCode 3DPrinting Adafruit Reciprocating Rack and Pinion Motorized 3DPrinting Crickit Adafruit Crickit Lab Shaker 3DPrinting PVASupport DualExtrusion IOT Gmailbox adafruit IoT 3DPrinting IFTTT 3D Printed Tesla Cable Holder USB Foot Switch with Circuit Python 3D Printed Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi Webcam Cover-Up Lego brick with Adabot Mini Fig Crickit Paddle Wheel Boat 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit DIY Media Dial - CircuitPython DIY LED Throwies Glowing Slime Adafruit LEARN StarFlower Light 3d Modeling in Fusion360 adafruit adafruit Wire Spool Carousel 3D Printing D20 inside icosahedron Using PVA Dissolvable Filament LEARN Angels Trumpet Lamp in Fusion360 - Forms and Sculpting adafruit adafruit Motion Timelapse for Maker Projects LED Sand  DIY Physics Toy Circuit Python DotStar LED POV Wand Micro USB Dock for Circuit Playground 3D Printed Mounts for CRICKIT 3DPrinting Adafruit Guardian Shield Zelda Breath of the Wild DIY Smokey Glowing Skull Mister Circuit Playground Sound Box CircuitPython Mini Raspberry Pi Handheld Notebook DIY Arduino Thermal Camera iPhone X Ninjaflex PLA Bumper - 3D Printing Timelapse Sheikah Jewelry with GEMMA M0 and NeoPixel LEARN Capacitive Touch Unicorn Horn adafruit adafruit DIY Nintendo Switch Projector Dock 3D Printing Stamping 20 and Harriet Tubman ustreasury LED Acrylic Sign with NeoPixels and Circuit Python Feather MP3 Player - Gordon Cole DIY Patterned Rolling Pins  3D Printed Baking Tools JOY 3D Printed Gamepad Portable Qi Charger 3D Printing a Thunder Helm Zelda Breath of the Wild Cosplay Raspberry Pi Airplay Boombox Arcade Bonnet Game Controller for Retropie LEARN Fiber Optic Whip Tutorial adafruit adafruit Telescope Adapter for iPhone X Nintendo Switch JoyCon Grip with Light Pipes LED Sequin Eyes Babys First Mace by Dutchmogul - 3D Printing Timelapse Hydro Dipping 3D Printed Fidget Spinner - Add Graphics to 3D Printing Projects TFT FeatherWing 3D Printed Case 3DPrinted Guardian with LEDs  Zelda Breath Of The Wild Adafruit LEARN Viking Rune Project 3d Box Design adafruit adafruit LEARN Circuit Playground Seashell Necklace Tutorial LEARN Viking Rune Project 3d Box Design adafruit adafruit Guardian Robot Zelda Breath of The Wild 3DPrinting Adafruit 3D Printed Truck Risers with NeoPixel LEDs for Skateboard Longboard 3D Printed Fingerboard for Feather Boards 3D Printed LCD Panel Glasses LEARN Viking Runes Project -- Finishing 3d Printed ABS adafruit adafruit Toy Modding Energy Sword NeoPixel Upgrade Glowing Viking Rune wayFinder Tutorial adafruit adafruit DIY LEGO LED Bricks 3DPrinting Adafruit 3D Printed BoomBox Boomy The BoomBox Portable HDMI Display for Raspberry Pi How to CNC Joy Bonnet Case for RaspberryPi Zero CNC Adafruit 3D Printed No Bearing Spinner 3D Printing Zelda Breath of the Wild Guardian Sword 3DPrinting Adafruit Nintendo Magnetic Shoelaces 3DPrinting 3D Printed Band for Apple Watch 3D Printed Feather Box 3D Printing a NeoPixel LED Bracelet BLE MIDI Drum Machine Arcade Button Controller Box 3D Printed Mini PC Adafruit 3DPrinting 2016 Adafruit 3D Printing Projects 3D Printed Fidget Spinner Makeup Brush cleaner with UV LEDs 3DPrinting 3DPrinting a Solder Dispenser Adabot Head DIY Mini Timelapse Camera adafruit adafruit How to 3D Print Ninjaflex 3DPrinting 3D Printing Logans Run Hand Jewel LED Jack the Pumpking King - Ultimaker 3 Dual Extrude 3DPrinting madebythenewUltimaker Hot Wheels GoPro Mount 3DPrinting OLED Watch with MicroPython 3DPrinting UFO Drone LEDs - NeoPixel for Phantom 4 3DPrinting 3D Printed RWBY Stormflower - NeoPixel Cosplay Props ESP8266 WiFi Weather Station with Color TFT Display Mini Commodore PET 3D Printed with LED Matrix D20 on Ultimaker 3 Dual Extruder 3DPrinted GoPro Hero 5 NinjaFlex Case Frankenstein 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit LED Chair 3DPrinting adafruit adafruit 3D Printed NeoPixel LED Ring Light Fix It Felix Hammer - How To Add Sound FX to Props Custom Bluetooth Cherry MX Gamepad 3D Printed Glowing Icosahedron Mace How to Make LED Unicorn Horn How To Make Star Trek Combadge Othermill CNC 3DPrinting Synthetic human skin Phone Charger 3DPrinting Adafruit Pokemon Go iPhone Case 3DPrinting 3DPrinted Pokemon Potion USB Battery Pack 3DPrinting PokemonGo Wearable Camera using Raspberry Pi Zero 3DPrinting How To Make LED Yoyo with Circuit Playground 3DPrinted americangirl Prosthetics Circuit Playground Wearable 3DPrinting Raspberry Pi Lure Module raspberrypi 3DPrinting PokemonGo Feather Weather Lamp ESP8266 IoT 3DPrinting OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Rig 35 PiTFT Touch Display 3D Printed Nefertiti Hack Review of Othermill CNC Countdown LED Display - DIY Electronics How To Morikami Hatsume 2016 adafruit cosplay 360 How to install OctoPrint on Raspberry Pi Jessie 3DPrinting How to Set Up Raspberry Pi Camera with OctoPrint3D Feather Weather Lamp DEMO ESP8266 IoT 3DPrinting Mini FPV Monitor adafruit 3DPrinting Drone How to make IoT On Air Sign for Twitch Raspberry Pi Zero NPR One Radio 3D Printed LED Barn Doors 3D Printed Daft Punk Helmet with Bluetooth 360 Drone Flight 3dprinting ADAFRUITDRONIES adafruit adafruit Demo Call on the Star Trek Communicator 3DPrinting 3D Printing in 2015


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