What’s new in this version

Update 6.1.11 - Fixed incorrect stickers - Visual body kits now correctly add characteristics - Fixed immortal tanks - Fixed tanks in the air - Fixed incorrect calculation of characteristics from installed modules - Fixed incorrect operation of Mines - Removed small stones from maps - Optimization work - Other technical changes


  • Attention to details
  • Different types of armor zones
  • Unite with friends in real time - Experience the fun of multiplayer battle with friends.
  • Modern 3D graphics - effects, luxurious 3D landscapes, up to 100 unique tanks, HD engine, 3D heavyweight model, 3D constructor, 8+3D construction with 5 cepuei cepuiei!
  • Different game modes - 7-minute PvP battles, PvE recreation, tournaments, Clan Wars, 10x10 PvP duels; 15 to 20 minute battles; PvE and co-op missions!
  • RPG elements - gain XP, adapt your tanks, upgrade 50+ Level Up'ov.
  • Crossplay - iOS/Android/Windows 10: Experience PvP/PvE/Clan Wars with Windows 10, iOS & Android, PvP-desercei; 15-20 minute PvP-bopbi, PvE/coop/PvE/PvE/PvE/PvE/coop!
  • Experience the power of tanks - fast, exciting battles on real historical fields, Play with your friends, create your own clans, participate in regular tournaments.
  • Use 100+ unique tank models, 25+ classes, 5+ game modes, PvP duels, 15-20 minute PvP battles, PvE co-op.
  • Ultimate tank tactics and strategy
  • Customize your tank with powerful weapons and upgrades for maximum firepower! Compete in tournaments for prizes and glory or join a clan to dominate the battlefield!
  • Experience intense team battles with up to 7 players per team on realistic battlefields! Enjoy stunning visuals and realistic sound effects to bring the battlefield to life!
  • Tank pvp game with friends online, this is the best game with thunder, as well as a wonderful Online PvP shooter with dynamic PVP shooting games
  • Easy controls that will appeal to both beginner shooters and hardcore gamers, get in the game, be online, shoot, increase your rank, improve your tanks, get rewards and daily bonuses.
  • Huge selection of weapons and improvements for your tank. Choose the right weapon and go into battle! As well as a variety of camouflages and decals
  • Dynamic battles around the world and crazy nonstop PVP-shooter. You can choose any game mode: team battles or single combat. And all of this for FREE!
  • Test your skills in army team tank battles on all maps of the world. Show who the real military commander on the battlefield!
  • Ability to play on your PC and your phone
  • Cross-platform online PVP battles 10x10