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The ground is your weapon in the fast paced battle arena of Georifters. Team up with or against your friends to punch portals, twist tunnels, flip lasers, and steal the ground from under each other using a unique arsenal of weapons and abilities in this ground busting adventure. Steal the ground right from under your enemies! or yourself! In “Georifters” you can spin walls, twist tunnels, crush critters, battle against the ground or with it! It can be your tool or a weapon you use to smash others in a series of fast paced ground busting arenas. Choose from a variety of heroes Dress them up (or down) and combine outfits to look fabulous on your way to victory. Duel it out in a variety of exhilarating multiplayer modes Up to four friends or strangers can show off their skills as they go head to head at full speed, battling for victory, for honor - and of course bragging rights. More thinker than a fighter? No worries! Try some precision ground manipulation in co-op, against a friend, against an enemy, or a friend who is your enemy, or if you don’t have any friends or enemies (good for you!) you can go lone wolf in the story mode. Bust your way through 7 fantastical worlds 30+ levels, 300+ stages, each based on a unique theme.


What’s new in this version

We're back again and this time with new levels! We hope your ground shifting and platforming skills haven't gone soft because we've got a full 8 new hand crafted levels for all game modes: Two new Battle Arena levels, two new Time Challenge levels, two new Match Challenge levels, and two new Match Arena levels. These new levels will keep you and your friends busy as you go head to head in the new Battle Arena or Match Arena levels or play nice and cooperate in the Match Challenge levels. There's more of everything for everyone. And these levels are super duper fun because they contain a brand spanking new block type: the Radical Ray. The Radical Ray is a uber strong beam that hurts like fudgeballs if you get too close. It's quite a puzzle when you have to navigate around these things but they can also be used to fry your opponents or annihilate any monsters who happen to look at you funny. You're going to see a lot of these bad boys in the levels, so watch out and have fun! NEW NEW Punch assistance system, an invisible system that makes that much easier to time and connect your punches with pixel perfect accuracy NEW Levels we’ve added 8 new levels for you to enjoy, check them out in the what’s new section


  • Unique ground manipulation system allows you to move the world in many ways around your enemies or your self!
  • Use your ground manipulation skills to discover and unearth hidden items and power ups!
  • Unlock heroes, worlds, weapons, upgrades and more
  • Upgrade your chosen champions unique abilities to suit your play style
  • Over 50 different costume combinations, choose how fabulous you look whilst crushing your foes
  • Grab up to four friends to team up with or against each other for fast paced ground manipulation battles
  • More a thinker than a fighter? No worries! Grab a friend for some precision ground manipulation in Co-op. Or single player if you prefer to do everything yourself.
  • 6 Unique bubble worlds each inspired by one of the human senses.
  • 7 Unique heroes each with they're own individual special way of manipulating the ground
  • Explore 6 fantastical worlds comprised of 30+ levels with 300+ stages
  • More thinker not a fighter? No worries use methodical ground manipulation in Co-Op with a friend or as a lone wolf in the Story mode.

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Busy Toaster

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Busy Toaster

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For ages 3 and over


Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.

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