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What’s new in this version

- New war rules to keep everyone at the edge of your phones (coming soon)! - Defense tower upgrades to fortify your base (coming soon) - Multiple improvements to enhance your gaming experience - Mega Units are here: Strengthen your attack and beat your opponents using the Mega Heli and Mega Mech - New Chat Experience: Better and Fast Chat Experience. - Socialism: Now Make Friends of yours in game and plan the strategy to Win. - Air Attack: Strengthen your Air attack and beat your opponents by using the Saboteur and Jet Fighter - Experience Ironed: multiple usability improvements.


  • Dispatch armies, construct buildings, and chat with players anytime
  • Invade Alliances to Capture World Map Territories to watch your Alliance grow daily
  • Multiplayer strategy
  • Unleash legions of unique units, including Mega Units and Commanders
  • Socialise with friends and allies via the in-game chat.
  • Plot with other players using the alliance chat system